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Oil Field

With the ever-increasing prices of natural gas and crude oil, there has been a major boom in the oil industry, especially in Texas. Increasing demands for workmen and equipment have placed even more strain on an already dangerous occupation by using inexperienced workers and outdated equipment. These poor practices and unsafe working environments have subsequently led to an increase in work-related accidents. In an oil field, any accident can have deadly consequences.

When dealing with oil companies, you should know your rights!

Our promise to you includes:
  • Thorough preparation for your oil field injury case.
  • Aggressively fighting for your rights.
  • Listening and understanding your needs and goals.
  • Making sure you stay informed throughout your case.

The attorneys at Stace Williams Law Firm have a track record for representing and prosecuting cases against oil and gas operators, contractors and manufacturers of defective products. We will go the extra mile for your rights, including getting your medical expenses covered quickly.

Common Oil Field Injuries

If you have been exposed to dangerous chemicals, or have otherwise been injured while working on an oil field, contact us today for a free phone consultation in Lubbock at 806-744-0000 or Midland and Odessa at 432-789-1900 . You may be able to receive compensation for any of the following types of common injuries:

  • Burn injuries from explosions or fires
  • Chemical burns
  • Severe cuts
  • Lost fingers or limbs
  • Broken bones
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Falls
  • Exposure to toxic fumes
  • Paralysis
  • Wrongful death

When oil field management and regular employees are not sufficiently trained or monitored, or they are being forced to use faulty equipment, it is a disaster waiting to happen. The attorneys at Stace Williams Law Firm will work diligently to determine the cause and contributing factors of your accident in order to help you receive the reparations you deserve.